Poll lists Russians key difficulties with remote work – Business & Economy – TASS

Poll lists Russians key difficulties with remote work -  Business & Economy - TASS

MOSCOW, February 18. /TASS/. Difficulties with self-discipline have become the main problem among Russians who are working remotely, a survey carried out by the Zarplata.ru job website on February 11-17 among 1,980 Russians aged 18-55.

“The survey’s participants who switched to remote work faced the following problems: 27.1% noted difficulties with self-discipline, said the working day turns out to be longer than in normal mode, 25% said the lack of live communication complicates the work process, 10.4% said the number of meetings and calls increases, as deadlines for tasks are delayed, 8.3% say relatives are a distraction from work, and 4.2% criticize their poor Internet connection at home, while 2.1% compete for a computer used by all family members,” the statement says.

Some 52% of those polled are currently working in normal mode and have not switched to remote work due to the new strain of coronavirus, 28% of employees work in a hybrid format, visiting the office from time to time, while 15% of respondents have completely switched to working at home. Only 5% of those surveyed noted that they had worked remotely before.

The majority of the respondents who switched to remote work are employed in such fields as IT, telecom (20.8%), sales (12.5%), education, science, languages (10%), and accounting, finance, banking (7%).

The reasons for rejecting remote work during the coronavirus pandemic, which were indicated by the respondents turned out to be the organization’s activities are impossible online, according to 50%, while 17.3% noted the low morbidity among employees, 9.6% said management did not see any risks, just worried about a drop in the productivity of employees working remotely, while 9.6% noted that the employers are reluctant to let employees be absent from the office for any reason, even for a vacation.

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